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Healthy Feet

What is respectful footwear after all?
What are the main principles and why is this subject talked about so much lately?
Are they that important for children who are starting to take their first steps?
What impact do they have on foott health?

Let's try to answer these and other questions simply.

What do our feet need?

To understand what makes footwear respectful, we have to understand what our feet need when we’re walking. As much as it may surprise you, what our feet need is absolutely nothing. The ideal would be to always walk barefoot, both during the gait acquisition phase and even in adulthood. It is clear that in the gait acquisition phase it is even more important, because the feet are developing.

The benefits of walking barefoot are many and well documented – from strengthening feet muscles, to improving motor development and movement efficiency, not forgetting that it even helps reduce stress and improve balance. Recent studies show that it may help in the prevention of some orthopaedic conditions, such as flat feet or bunions.

Of course, walking barefoot also has its disadvantages and, for those who live in the city, it is absolutely impractical to walk outside without shoes. This is where respectful footwear comes in.

Tem-Tem - Nemo Rosa e Branco

What is respectful footwear?

As its name implies, respectful footwear is one that respects the health of the feet and which, for this reason, is designed and produced in such a way as to interfere as little as possible with the normal movement of walking, giving the wearer the feeling of walking barefoot.

This is achieved through an extremely flexible shoe, light as a feather, with a thin sole and no slope, a wide toe box where the toes can move freely, without any reinforcements and with a thin insole without anatomical elements. These are the 6 fundamental principles of Tem-Tem shoes.

If we think about it, these principles should be applied to any footwear. It is strange, to say the least, that it is necessary to give a specific name to footwear that does not hurt our feet. It’s time to start a movement so that respectful footwear is just called footwear and all the millions of pairs of shoes that are sold annually that are not suitable for our feet are known as disrespectful footwear. Join us!

Tem-Tem - Fogg Azul e Branco