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João Ferreira

João is a pioneer in Portugal of working exclusively with exercise and human movement. With 10 years experience as a physiotherapist, he sees the foot as a fundamental element of movement and development. He has two beautiful daughters.

With a degree in Physiotherapy, João has a Masters and Certificate in Training and Conditioning and is currently doing his PhD in the area of exercise and movement.

His specialised training was geared towards the area of accurate assessment and quality training and movement correction with any type of population (from children to the elderly, from sedentary to athletes).

One of the main highlights of this training was the Barefoot Rehab Specialist course, which lays the foundation for advanced concepts in proprioceptive science, reflex stabilisation and rapid integration when it comes to injury prevention and patient rehabilitation.

For 3 years he taught, at the Escola Superior de Saúde Jean Piaget (IP-VNG), the subjects of Exercise, Biomechanics and Kinesiology (Movement Science) in the Graduation and Post-Graduation Course of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.

He is currently the head of the medical department at Sarpsborg08 FF, a team in the Norwegian Premier League. If you see him in the street, say “Hallo”.

Personal information

• Graduate in Physiotherapy.

• Master and certified in Training and Conditioning.

• PhD student in Sports Science.

• Barefoot Rehab Specialist Course.

• Functional Movement Screen Course.

Functional Reconditioning System Course.

• A pioneer in specialising and working exclusively with movement and training in rehabilitation (from children to the elderly, from sedentary to athletes).

• Assistant University Professor at the Escola Superior de Saúde Jean Piaget (IP-VNG).

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