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Size Guide

If you've made it to the Size Guide, you've probably noticed that Tem-Tem shoes are different from conventional shoes.

Because they are barefoot shoes and extremely flexible, they are generally larger than other shoes of the same size.

To ensure you get the right size, we recommend measuring your child's feet before ordering.

Important Guidelines

As children’s feet are still small, the variations in size are also small and it is not always easy to measure accurately. For this reason, the ranges shown in the size chart are indicative, but should be sufficient to find the approximate size.
We recommend measuring both of your child’s feet and that you buy the size for the larger foot, as at this stage asymmetry between the two feet is common. Take the measurement with the child standing with their feet flat on the floor.

How to choose the right size?

Just follow these 3 simple steps, also explained in this video:

Size Chart

The measurements in the “From” and “To” columns in the table below refer to the length of the foot.
11,3 cm
11,9 cm
12,0 cm
12,6 cm
12,7 cm
13,3 cm
13,4 cm
14,0 cm
14,1 cm
14,7 cm
14,8 cm
15,4 cm
It is not necessary to add a margin to the measurements shown in the table above, as the size definition, in the “Size” column, already includes a margin of 10mm to 4mm, depending on whether the foot length is at the minimum or maximum limit.
If you would like to know more about the interior and insole measurements of Tem-Tem shoes, visit the Spec Sheet.

Need Help?

Contact us to help you choose the right size.