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Frequently Asked Questions

Respectful footwear is one that is designed and produced in such a way as to interfere as little as possible with normal walking movement, giving the wearer the feeling of walking virtually barefoot.

No, the respectful footwear is intended for children without any foot pathology.

They can and they should. Ideally, we should always walk barefoot, both during the gait acquisition phase and even in adulthood. As this is not possible, respectful footwear is the best option and is even more important in the gait acquisition phase as the feet are developing.

It is essential to measure your child’s foot before deciding which Tem-Tem shoe size will be the best fit for them. Please visit our Size Guide and follow the steps.

There’s no need to add any margin. Simply measure the length of the foot and use that measurement to choose the shoe size, using the Size Chart of our Size Guide.

You can find the measurements of the insoles and other information in the Spec Sheet of our shoes.

Tem-Tem shoes, because they are respectful, are wider than conventional shoe brands. They are therefore suitable for wider feet.

Tem-Tem shoes are mostly made of leather. They are therefore water-resistant and, to a some extent, waterproof, except for the seams. In other words, they can handle some water, but they’re not suitable for walking in puddles.

If you received, tried on, but did not wear the shoes because the size is not correct and therefore the shoes are in perfect condition, please send us an email to [email protected] indicating whether you want the size above or below to proceed with the exchange.

Please visit the customer area and check if the order has been processed. If not, just press the cancel button. If the order is already in transit, you will have to wait for it to be delivered and then contact us via [email protected].

Yes, both the Fogg and Nemo shoes can be hand washed. In both cases we recommend using a slightly damp cloth, with a very small amount of soft detergent, if necessary. In the end, we recommend that the shoes are immediately dried.