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About Us

"How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?"
- Bob Dylan

We must confess, we also don't know how to answer this question of Bob Dylan’s opening of the classic Blowin' In The Wind. However, we know that every child's journey to start walking is an adventure worth celebrating.

Who we are?

We are four friends – Hugo, João, Nuno and Ricardo – who have seen firsthand the challenges that arise when looking for suitable footwear for children who are taking their first steps. Some because they are parents, others because they are specialists in the field of child physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Together, we’ve made it our mission to develop shoes that not only look good, but also respect your child’s feet and allow them to take their first steps confidently and safely.

Quem somos
A primeira marca portuguesa

That’s why we created the first Portuguese brand of respectful footwear for children who are taking their first steps. Tem-Tem exists to give every little adventurer the best possible start in life, including the right shoes for gait acquisition.

We have put over 10 years of experience and knowledge in biomechanics, anatomy, motor control and typical child development to produce respectful footwear with quality to pass the test of the most demanding mothers and fathers.

We are excited about the journey that is now beginning and we hope you will join us in ensuring happier children and healthier feet. The adventure starts here!

The team

With a career spanning over 10 years, Hugo is a specialist in the field of physiotherapy and osteopathy and is passionate about helping children take their first steps with confidence, comfort and safety.

João is a pioneer in Portugal of working exclusively with exercise and human movement. With 10 years experience as a physiotherapist, he sees the foot as a fundamental element of movement and development. He has two beautiful daughters.

Nuno has been in the communications industry for almost 20 years and is creative director of Triciclo, a social media management and digital marketing agency. He has two beautiful twins, a girl and a boy, who often lend their feet to Tem-Tem.

After 4 years in Australia, where he undertook an MBA at the University of Queensland, Ricardo returned to Portugal to challenge Nuno to found Triciclo, where he is currently CEO. He has two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, the youngest being one of the best footwear models in Portugal.

Tem-Tem - Fogg Azul e Branco